Oversized Sweater Season

Courtney in her oversized sweater from Sam's Knitwear @ Saturdays Surf on Crosby!

Saturdays is a surf shop / coffee bar (serving La Colombe) / outdoor patio space on Crosby St in Soho

Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA)

MOCA has two interesting exhibits on fashion - Front Row: Chinese American Designers (featuring Derek Lam, Phillip Lim, Peter Som, Jason Wu & more) and Shanghai Glamour: New Women 1910s-1940s - that are ending this fall/winter. Go see them!

215 Centre Street, New York, NY 10013

Michael Jackson Sweater

A vintage sweater with gold chains from Sam's Knitwear + the coolest Himalayan cat in NYC!

Vintage Nike

Classic shoes from Nike. Shwing.

10 Best Documentaries About NYC

Nonfics posted a list of New York documentaries to watch. I'm really interested in Central Park and On the Bowery. Enjoy the weekend!

One of the most accessible and salutary films ever made by master documentarian Frederick Wiseman… ‘CENTRAL PARK’ celebrates not the Earth but the 840 acres of it in the middle of Manhattan where New Yorkers retreat and repair and lapse into modes of behavior one might actually classify as civilized.… Wiseman is one of the great filmmakers of our time.

–Tom Shales, The Washington Post

It was the place to go to drink and disappear. As iconic as Broadway, the Bowery for most of the 20th century was the haunt of down-and-out lives circling the drain in a steady flow of cheap wine. In decline after the 1878 construction of the shadow-casting Third Avenue elevated train, what was once a lively entertainment district became "the port of missing men," or, per one newspaper account, "the saddest and the maddest street" in all New York. 
–Nicolas Rapold, WSJ

LIFE: Factory Fashionistas, 1953

I love digging through LIFE archives 
In April 1953, LIFE magazine showed its readers, and especially its female readers, that dressing for work — even if that work was on a factory floor — didn’t necessarily mean sacrificing a sense of style. Luckily for the 4.5 million women working in U.S. factories back then, designer Tina Leser was working hard, too.

Many [women] work near moving machinery or poisonous dusts and acids, and must wear coveralls, made for safety and comfort but seldom for style. Now designer Tina Leser, who usually concerns herself with how to look elegant at expensive resorts, has taken up the problem of how to look snappy at a workbench. In a group of clothes called Fashions for Industry released in stores this week, Miss Leser presents her solutions. Read more

New L.E.S. restaurant: Dimes Cafe

A new cafe, Dimes, opened up on Division St which is part of a new neighborhood some are calling "Lower Lower East Side" because it merges with Chinatown. Whatever! It's located at 143 Division St, just under Canal.

I like their stools and overall aesthetics - and they have Bullett magazine to browse.

The chilled noodles with wilted kale, eggplant, and mango was tasty, refreshing and healthy.